Rivke Gardner is a Marriage Coach and Certified Life Coach trained by Dina Friedman. In her successful coaching practice and workshops, she takes women on a transformational marriage journey to deeper connection and love. After identifying the tools that equip women to strengthen their marriages and reduce stress in a quick and powerful way, it has become her mission to make sure everyone learns these little-known and very impactful tools and techniques.

"Rivke Gardner has broken new ground in restoring health and vitality to personal and interpersonal relationships."
- Rabbi Michel and Rebbetzin Feigie Twerski
"Rivke and her tools are creative, insightful, practical, and effective."
- Aliza Bulow

FREE ZOOM WORKSHOP: Handing You the Keys to Connection

June 18th or June 21st / 9:00 PM EST



Sunday, June 18th / 10AM EST or 

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